Monster Hunter: World outsold PUBG in August

September 25, 2018 Monster Hunter: World PC sales topped two million less than a month after launch.

Monster Hunter: World was already Capcom’s best-selling game ever following the console release, and the PC version has managed to keep up with that standard. In its launch month of August, the game sold over two million copies, bringing the grand total across all versions of the game over 10 million.

That makes Monster Hunter the biggest premium PC title of August, topping even the mighty PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That puts Capcom’s game in fourth place for PC games overall, behind the likes of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

Previous estimates had suggested that MHW PC sales were over two million, but a report from SuperData has cemented that that number. It was clear the game would be a success on PC based on its early place on the Steam Charts, and those numbers have continued to hold. It remains a regular contender in the Steam top 10, with concurrent player counts hovering around company including Rainbow Six Siege, Warframe, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Purely by player count – since we don’t have a way of tracking Steam sales across the board – Monster Hunter is the biggest new Steam game of 2018. It’s also already surpassed any other Japanese game in Steam history, and by extension it’s Capcom’s biggest PC title, too.

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