Monster Hunter World Players Get A Free Celebration Pack

In celebration of Capcom’s recent success of Monster Hunter World, the studio and publisher is set to send off ‘Celebration Item Packs’ for the avid hunters. The pack is completely free and is claimed once you log into the game. Inside the pack, players will receive five items of which will help you with your questing. The pack is a result of the recent news whereby Capcom announced that they have shipped a total of 5 million units worldwide.

Yesterday we also reported that 1,350,412 copies physical retail copies have been sold in Japan. Famitsu predicts the total sales are closer to 2 million including digital. The sales are a considerable achievement for Capcom, especially considering the game has only been out for a couple of days and has been plagued by matchmaking bugs for PC. Let’s hope the game will keep up the momentum.

‘Embark on a perilous hunting expedition into a newly discovered continent known only as ‘The New World’ and prowl its uncharted wilds in search of the land’s most ferocious beasts in Monster Hunter: World.

Each new foe you discover will pose a unique challenge, demanding careful planning and a hunter’s instinct to bring it down. Use any number of a vast array of traps. lures and weapons as well as the living ecosystem around you to overcome your quarry.’’

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.


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