Montreal International Games Summit To Feature Cool Indie Ensemble

The Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS) is but a hop, skip and a jump away from its 14th annual celebration of video games. MIGS distinguishes itself from other events by offering attendees the chance to engage in classes and one-on-one coaching with gaming industry experts, and of course, there’ll be an expo floor bursting with games from the AAA and indie realms.

Two independent titles on display that are quickly climbing up the ranks in most anticipated 2018 debuts are Aftercharge, an electric 3v3 FPS, and neon puzzle-platformer, Light Fall

In Aftercharge, expect to renounce your humanity for the high-octane life of an invisible robot. Your life is now a series of tactical skirmishes against an OP security squad, but fortunately for you, there’s zero cooldown on abilities and you can instantly revive teammates. Sounds pretty heavenly, indeed.

Aftercharge lands on PC & Xbox One in Q1 2018

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Light Fall urges you to explore the ancient but perilous world of Umbra. Using a magical box called the Shadow Core, you can bend gravity to your will and surf the night skies, peeking inside every nook and cranny for a glimpse into how an imminent threat might be stopped.

Developer Bishop Games plans to release Light Fall next March for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac & Linux

Last but not least, Quebec City based team Sabotage Studios will be present at the Indie Zone but is big on harnessing the element of surprise to maximal effect. It’s keeping any details on its debut game secret, so only attendees will know what it is. However, we do know Sabotage aims for retro experiences with a modern twist and will shed more light on this mysterious project in January 2018.

Those interested in attending MIGS can purchase tickets here.


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