NBCUniversal Is Closing Their Game Publishing Division

When it comes to NBCUniversal, chances are you didn’t know that they even published video game titles, but then again, the division from NBC wasn’t around long enough to warrant enough games to make its way out to see if it stood a chance as a solid publisher. After two years have gone by, NBCUniversal has decided to close the publishing division. Now instead of potentially reaping more of the funds of a successful game release, the company will be licensing their properties out to developers and publishers.

It seems that this move is not due to lack of sales or success with the division. Again, we can point out that the division was not really around long enough to tell how well it would do within the market. Instead, the move to remove the division was to make room for more resources towards other higher priority divisions and ventures.

Right now, there seems to be a transition period going on which will put the employees into other areas of NBCUniversal or dealing with layoffs. This doesn’t mean we won’t see any properties from NBC to come out into the video game medium. Instead, as we mentioned, there will simply be licensing deals. The only problematic issue that the company will deal with is the potential of losing out on funds that they could have earned being a direct publisher.

Some of the titles that NBCUniversal had a hand with as a publisher includes Jurassic World Alive and Turok: Escape from the Lost Valley.

Source: Venturebeat


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