Netflix Details All Eight The Witcher Series Episode Titles

Netflix is ramping up their promotions for one of their highly anticipated shows for the month of December, The Witcher.

Today, the mega streaming monolith took to Twitter to hype fans even more up about the show by announcing the all of the episodes titles. As we already know, the show will have 8 episodes and is already renewed for a season two.

The Witcher Netflix series has a lot of hype surrounding it and with the release date rapidly approaching, fans all around the world will know soon enough if the hype was worth it or not. However, in the meantime, we can sit back an wait and speculate what’s going to happen within these eight episodes by judging their title names.

Check out the official tweet thread from The Witcher Netflix account down below:

  1. Episode One- The End’s Beginning. A monster slain, a butcher named.
  2. Episode Two- Four Marks. We look at a sorceress’s earlier days.
  3. Episode Three- Betrayer Moon. A picky eater, a family shamed.
  4. Episode Four- Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials. The law of surprise is how one repays.
  5. Episode Five- Bottled Appetites. A fateful meeting, a bard is maimed.
  6. Episode Six- Rare Species. The hunt for a dragon is underway.
  7. Episode Seven- Before a Fall. A return to before a kingdom is flamed.
  8. Episode Eight- Much More. The Witcher family, as you all like to say.

In related news, Netflix recently released a new poster for the highly anticipated show, which showcases our main protagonists of the show. Make sure to check out the new poster right here!

The Witcher Netflix series will take more inspiration from the books rather than the iconic video game series developed by CD Projekt RED. Nonetheless, fans of the franchise will definitely get some callbacks from the game here and there. The full release date trailer for the show is the perfect example as we see Geralt in a bath tub, one of th most iconic shots from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you want to check out the full trailer for Netflix’s Witcher series, click here.

The Witcher Netflix series is set to launch on December 20, 2019. Are you excited for the highly anticipated series? Let us know what you think about the new poster in the comments below!

Source: Twitter


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