New Rainbow Six Siege Pro League skins hint at Australia for Year 4

Leaks and rumours have pointed toward an Australian season for Rainbow Six Siege, and an early look at some new Pro League sets adds plenty of fuel to the fire. Clash’s new skin features a flag from the land down under, just as Vigil’s Pro League skin pointed us toward Operation Grim Sky last year with a Union Jack.

This lines up with the leaks around a pair of new Australian operators that popped up a few weeks ago. Those reports suggest we’re getting Mozzie – a defender that takes control of enemy drones – and Gridlock – an attacker with a red web trap that damages opponents who run into it. We were skeptical of that leak at the time, but it’s at least looking increasingly likely that we’ll head for the outback soon.

When it comes to Year 4 operators, roadmaps, and release dates, you can follow that link for everything we know so far. Ubisoft has provided very little in terms of official detail, but the usual array of leaks has given us plenty to work with. The upcoming Six Invitational is less than a month away, and it’s the most likely venue for official confirmation on what to expect.

Oh, and you can get a look at those new Pro League sets, too, courtesy of ignotusartifex on Reddit. Those new skins cover Maverick, Nomad, and Kaid in addition to Clash.

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While Ubisoft hasn’t given us that Year 4 roadmap yet, the developers have been busy elsewhere – there’s a big ban wave, small nerfs for Rook and Doc, and a major nerf for Caveira. And that Tachanka rework might be coming sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for plenty more news on Siege, especially as we head into the Six Invitational on February 15. Get your Vegemite ready in the meantime.

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