Ninja And Shroud Are Making Millions Off Of The Mixer Shutdown

Sources say that high profile Mixer streamers like Ninja and Shroud took huge buyouts from Microsoft in the range of $10-$30 million.

Microsoft’s announced today that they will be shutting down Mixer and transitioning all of their streaming partners over to Facebook Gaming. The news comes as quite a shock to many, including, apparently, Mixer staff and streamers. While many are left in a lurch, Mixer’s biggest talents Ninja and Shroud are reportedly set to receive huge financial windfalls from the closure.

According to Slasher, Facebook Gaming made offers on their original Mixer contracts, but both streamers refused, forcing Mixer to offer them buyouts. Slasher’s sources have indicated this means somewhere close to $30 million for Ninja and $10 million for Shroud.

Both streamers were recruited from Twitch by Microsoft in an effort to bolster the struggling streaming platform. While each individually maintained impressive view counts, that increased viewership didn’t translate to an overall growth for the platform.

Facebook reportedly made offers that would nearly double earnings on their original contracts, but by taking a buyout from Mixer both streamers are now free to return to Twitch where they’ll likely be met with open arms and massive audiences.

Mixer is scheduled to shut down July 22nd, at which point all of Mixer’s domains and links will redirect to Facebook gaming.

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