Ninja teases a new Fortnite event map, but nobody seems to know what it is

March 5, 2019 A “new map” is coming to Fortnite. Apparently.

A Samsung event later this month is primarily intended to show off the new Galaxy S10 phones – with some help from Fortnite. Ninja will be there, as will K-pop group iKON, and there’s going to be a some kind of match which will be played on a “new map.” That’s the most interesting part, but also the most confusing, since nobody seems to know what this map actually is.

Fortnite keeps getting seasonal changes to its map, but there’s never been an indication it’ll get a proper new one. During a promotional bit for the Samsung event on Ninja’s stream – noted by Fortnite Intel – the streamer calls it “a brand-new map literally built for this event that you guys can participate in.”

Similarly, the official page for the event calls it “a custom, never-before-played Fortnite map.” It could just be a special Creative map, but Epic’s already putting in extra work for the crossover with a new iKONIK skin and emote exclusive to Samsung owners, so this could be something more substantial.

It could be a custom LTM, a set of decorations for the regular map, or some sort of event space built for this promotion. We don’t even know for sure if it’s going to be available anytime outside this event, though it will at least be streamed.

What we do know is that Ninja said the words “new map” out loud and that’s a cause for speculation.

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In an interview a year ago with IGN’s Expert Mode, lead designer Eric Williamson, said that while the concept of more battle royale maps has been discussed, the team’s focus is on improving the map they already have; “There’s no urgency to create a new map right now, it’s not something we’re getting a sense of urgency for. It’s not a priority right now.”

Williamson said it’s more important to continue “to evolve and make the map feel fresh.” That’s something we’ve continued to see in the game, including the recently released season 8.

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