Nintendo eShop User Reviews Suspended

A couple days ago, Nintendo announced the introduction of user reviews onto the digital marketplace place, the eShop. The new functionality was quite exciting for players, allowing you to  rate a game, state what kind of a player you are, and even drop some text if you want to go a little bit more in-depth about the title.

Now, Nintendo has gone back on this new feature by suspending its functionality. In a statement, Nintendo specified that they are “evaluating” the feature and its functionality. They also specify that they currently do not have any estimated date for when the feature might be made available to users again.

My guess is that players were most likely leaving questionable reviews on the feature which may have made Nintendo question its value on the store. Maybe we’ll see the feature return with more stringent rues? Who knows.

In other Nintendo news, Splatoon 2 has become the first Nintendo game to hit 2 million retail sales.

Nintendo’s sequel to the WiiU’s flagship shooter, Splatoon, has just become the first ever Nintendo game to hit 2 million retail sales in Japan. What’s more, this is also it makes it one of the first few console games to have hit the milestone since 2009.


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