Nintendo Indie World Showcase Airs Tomorrow

A new Indie World Showcase means a bunch of new indie games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Seeing as how we got an in depth look at Summer in Mara at the last Indie World Showcase, I have high hopes that this airing will bring news of even more absolutely wonderful Indies coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch already has a pretty expansive list of great indie games to peruse, from epic life sims like Stardew Valley, down to quirky party games like Moving Out.

While not everyone is in to the whole indie scene, I certainly find that there are some real amazing works of art being shared by the indie community. Where would we be without all those innovative minds taking the risks that some of the big studios refuse to take, resulting in some of the best games in human history.

Leaks / Rumors

For those that don’t totally dig Indies, there is other news with this Indie World Showcase. This Indie World Showcase was once again predicted, giving the hope that the predictions of an upcoming Nintendo Direct may be a reality. (deja vu much)

Our Last Indie World Showcase

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