Nintendo Just Revealed A Brand New Nintendo Switch Bundle

The Nintendo Switch is doing quite well for Nintendo especially in comparison to its previous console platform release, the Nintendo Wii U. It was clear that Nintendo needed a win and after the announcement along with its launch, there was no worries over if the Nintendo Switch had enough gamers interested in the console. This was a new hybrid console from Nintendo that allowed gamers to not only enjoy the latest video game titles from Nintendo and third-party developers on their home television but also it could be taken on-the-go. Thanks to the portability option for the Nintendo Switch, it seemed Nintendo developed a real winner for their latest console platform release, but there are still plenty of gamers out there who have yet to adopt the platform.

For those of you who haven’t made the jump over to the Nintendo Switch, a new bundle may be all that’s needed to convince you in picking the unit up. Most bundles come with a video game or two which would give players the ability to jump into a brand new video game right after unboxing the console. These games are oftentimes digital as well which means that the console could potentially already have a title pre-loaded. However, this new bundle doesn’t go with the norm and instead offers something quite unique to most bundles today. With this bundle, players will receive a brand new Nintendo Switch standard unit with the docking system, but outside of the console, Nintendo will be tossing in a $35 credit which can be spent at the Nintendo eShop.

Overall, this is a pretty bright idea on Nintendo’s part as this could give players the ability to pick a video game that is in their particular interest rather than a bundle that comes with a game that might not have been on their radar. Likewise, this bundle is perfect for the mere fact that it will only run $299.99 which is the standard price for a Nintendo Switch new in box. This means you’re not paying any kind of a premium to enjoy the $35 credit. Unfortunately, most of the big name titles are not $35 but seeing how you don’t have to pay anything more than the price of a normal Nintendo Switch, we’re sure that most gamers would already have a video game title or two already in mind when picking the unit up so this could give them a nice discount.

[Source: Nintendo]


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