Nintendo May Be Changing Up Its Nintendo Direct Format Soon

If these recent comments by Nintendo president Shintaro Furukawa are anything to go by, it seems like the company’s innovative “Nintendo Direct” stream format is set to receive a shakeup soon. Speaking to investors at a recent shareholder meeting, Furukawa noted how the company has seen tremendous success with its patented “Direct” format, but that things may be in for a change.

“Times change and so does the most effective way to promote products,” Furukawa said, “so there is a chance that a new, better way to present this information comes about. So we always like to examine all of the possible ways to communicate this information to customers.” A lot of this examination into what makes Direct’s effective has come about because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In normal years, we would show off the games presented at E3 to our shareholders,” Furukawa explained. “However, due to the Coronavirus, E3, as well as other large game events, have been canceled for the time being and we have no plans to hold any events of that nature as well. Instead, we are trying to be flexible in thinking of new ways to present information about our products, so please stay tuned.”

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Via: Nintendo Insider

None of these words are confirmation that Nintendo will be changing the Direct, but it does add up. For most of 2020, fans haven’t heard a peep from Nintendo despite the company being the first to adopt a Livestream approach. As other companies begin to make a similar change to pre-recorded videos, Nintendo is possibly looking to innovate again.

Furukawa even brings up how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just received ARMS fighter Min-Min in an update and how a video went live shortly before her release. It seems the company is gearing up more for shadow drops, which is something it already does for indie games during its Direct streams.

Whatever happens with the Direct, Nintendo doesn’t want to simply repeat the same song and dance going forward. That’s admirable, but it might be wise to stay the course right now instead of keeping fans in the dark. I’m mostly just asking for even a little bit of a tease about Breath of the Wild 2.

Source: VGC

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