Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Console Goes Up For Auction

We’re sure that you’re familiar with the Nintendo PlayStation console. It was a fabled design that would have likely made a big impact on the game industry today if the partnership between Sony and Nintendo lasted. Now the two are rivals attempting to bring in more consumers to their line of console releases each year. Back in the day, they were once going to deliver a video game console that combined the likes of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System along with the Sony PlayStation.

This was before the PlayStation was its own property for a home console release. To make a long story short, Nintendo was going to partner up with Sony and deliver a CD component to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System but obviously that never came to fruition. Instead, the companies only went into the prototyping phase before being scrapped. 

For hardcore game collectors, owning a Nintendo PlayStation Super Nintendo Entertainment System is likely one of the holy grail items out in the wild. Well someone is about to secure the system into their personal collection. A prototype model of this console has made its way to Heritage Auctions and if you think you’ll get this item without paying a huge chunk of change then you’re sadly mistaken. 

At the moment, this console is available for $49,000 if you wish to enter the next bid. With over twenty days left in the auction, chances are we’re going to see this thing fetch some pretty high numbers and it will likely help value the console prototype itself. Unless your piggy bank is the size of a house, I don’t think it’s worth going through the hassle of counting your pennies on this console quite yet.

Source: Heritage Auctions 


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