Nintendo Reveals New NES Titles For Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo’s online service has been going on for a good while now which allows players who own a Nintendo Switch console to enjoy multiplayer game modes online. Much like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is offering a slight incentive to join into the online subscription service by a means of providing free video games each and every month. Currently, the games offered are only Nintendo Entertainment System classics and that list is growing each month. Today we’re finding out what games are coming to the subscription service this month.

Announced through a tweet, Nintendo is bringing out two new classics into the service on February 13, 2019. The video games are Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. As mentioned, you will get access to these games through the means of the Nintendo Switch online subscription service which will cost players about $20. This is by far the cheapest online subscription service in comparison to Microsoft and Sony.

Unfortunately, most gamers are wanting Nintendo to provide a bit more towards the the online subscription service. That may become a reality as there has been rumors and supposed leaks that Nintendo may provide their line of Super Nintendo Entertainment System video games among other platforms, though official word from Nintendo has yet to be announced.

[Source: Nintendo]


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