Nintendo Reveals Super Mario Party

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One of the video games Nintendo announced for E3 2018 is a brand new Mario Party video game. The title is called Super Mario Party and it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo didn’t unveil too many details formally, the game did receive a trailer showcasing some of the gameplay aspects players can expect with the Nintendo console hybrid.

For instance, we’re shown that at least two Nintendo Switch units can connect and play the game which will grant up to four players. We’re uncertain at this point as to if both consoles would be required a copy of the game or if the title could be hosted by a single unit.

Outside of maneuvering around the board, gamers will still receive a slew of mini-games to enjoy which may make use of the Joy-Con features such as motion controls. We’re still waiting to hear more details about this upcoming game, but we do know that the title will be launching later this year.

Super Mario Mart will be available on the Nintendo Switch this October 5, 2018.


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