Nintendo starts selling cheaper, dock-free Switch, but only in Japan

Enlarge / The 2nd Switch comes with everything you see here! Your parents help set it up! Batteries included, from NINTENDO!

Nintendo fans in Japan now have the option of buying a cheaper Switch package that doesn’t include the accessories needed to connect the system to a TV. Marketed as a “2nd unit” Switch in a Google translated announcement, the new Switch package costs ¥24,980 (about $229), down from the ¥29,980 ($275) for the standard package.

For that lower price, Japanese consumers will miss out on the Switch dock, HDMI cable, and wall-outlet charger that come bundled in the standard package. The system itself can be charged by any number of standard USB-C accessories, though users may have to be careful of USB standards. If “Second Switch” buyers want to hook the Switch to a TV later on, they can use the same dock that came in the standard Switch package, purchase one à la carte from Nintendo, or use one of a number of cheaper third-party Switch dock options (which can vary widely in reliability).