Nintendo Switch Gets Letter Quest Remastered Next Week

After testing the waters on Steam, Puzzle RPG Letter Quest Remastered is ready to make the leap to Nintendo Switch. A newly released gameplay trailer commemorates the upcoming launch and details the wordy, turn-based action.

A game in which words literally become weapons, Letter Quest Remastered challenges players to spell out words from a pool of letters to thwart legions of ghosts, monsters, and nefarious bunnies. Added into the mix are spikes, stones, whirlwinds and other variables that impact every battle.

You play as diminutive grim reapers Grimm and Rose, who embark on a greasy, cheese-laden odyssey to obtain the ultimate home delivery food item—pizza.

There is a total of 40 stages, with four stars to nab on each one if you’re aiming for 100% completion. As a segue from the main campaign, 70 additional challenges promise the reward of extra gems, which can in turn be used to acquire upgrades, weapons, special items and books.

Letter Quest Remastered hits Nintendo Switch on November 23. 

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