Nintendo Switch Online NES January 2019 Games Revealed

The Nintendo Switch is a big console hit for gamers and a massive win for Nintendo after coming off their less than stellar Nintendo Wii U release. This console already has a nice catalog of video games to enjoy, but one thing that Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon with is forcing gamers to pay for a monthly to yearly subscription in order to enjoy online multiplayer. This service also grants a few other features that may prove to be useful, but the main point to the service is the ability to enjoy online multiplayer. Fortunately, the service is by far cheaper than the competition as players will only have to pay a $20 fee a year.

What is unfortunate is that most would consider Nintendo trailing behind in terms of offering video game titles each month for free to those who pay for the online service. Unlike Sony with the PlayStation Plus subscription offering newer video game titles to enjoy, Nintendo is only giving access to a catalog of Nintendo Entertainment System titles. These small 8-bit titles may not be as enticing to join the service and it’s left gamers hoping that more past platforms will be present in the future for Nintendo Switch Online. At any rate, if you’re one to keep track of the new titles coming into the service then we know of two new additions coming for the service.

Nintendo will be adding Zelda II and Blaster Master. These two titles will be included to the catalog of NES video games already offered through Nintendo Switch Online. If you’re looking for a few video game titles to enjoy casually then you may find these titles as a bonus to the service. We’re curious, do you wish Nintendo offered more platform variety for their video game titles provided in the Nintendo Switch Online service?

[Source: Game Informer]


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