Nintendo To Support The Switch For More Than 5-6 Years

Considering the long run of support for the WiiU, and other DS titles, there was no argument that Nintendo wouldn’t e supporting it’s most recent console, The Switch for more than half a decade.

Now the news has been solidified, Speaking to Nikkei in an interview, Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima has confirmed that the company intends to support the Switch for more than the traditional life cycle period of 5-6 years.

Considering how the business model worked for the 3DS, and how both Microsoft and Sony have released a more powerful iteration of their base console – I think it’s safe to assume that we may see multiple variations of the Switch in the coming years.

In other Nintendo news, the first mobile racer from the company is set to be Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo of America has used social media to make a special annoucement regarding the next installment of its Mario Kart series. Rather than revealing Mario Kart 9 or a remaster of Mario Kart: Double Dash, the Japanese company said its newest kart racer, Mario Kart Tour, would be a mobile application. To be quite frank, it’s totally understandable if Mario wants a break after all that running and platforming.


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