Nintendo Working On A Joy-Con Model Alteration

Early adopters of the Nintendo Switch were unfortunate enough to have to deal with connectivity issues with the joycon controllers (specifically the left controller). While the issue has been fixed mostly across the board through updates dropped by the entertainment company, some players still deal with disconnection to this day.

Now Nintendo has filed an application with the FCC for some new hardware, with tests and photos in support. While from the outside it seems like nothing has been changed, internally The FCC documents mention changes to the controller’s antenna pattern and a peripheral circuit, which will hopefully prove to be a more permanent solution to the connectivity issue at hand.

In other Nintendo news, Steam has now added support for Nintendo pro controllers.

‘For gamers across the community, the Nintendo Switch pro controller is arguably the best in current generation gaming, what with its NFC support, gyroscopic aiming and movement, and high-quality HD Rumble. But as you would expect, the experience has been limited to Nintendo’s console, until now.’


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