No Dual Pistols For Lara In Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If fans of the Tomb Raider series were hoping for an iconic return of the dual pistols in the upcoming, Shadow of the Tomb Raiderwe have some bad news: Director Dan Bisson has confirmed that she’ll still be making use of the bow and arrow over a double pistol combo.

Speaking to Sirus Gaming the director confirmed the news:

“No. I don’t want that. For us this is her defining moment,” he told the magazine. “We’re not going to put her in shorts with double-pistols, wearing a bikini; that’s not what this is.” Bisson went further, adding: “For this triolgy – not saying anything about later on, I don’t know about the future titles – but for this trilogy, the bow is still her signature weapon.”

I think it’s a good idea that the devs shy away from Lara’s original outfitting. It’s better to conclude a movement before starting a new one. Thoughts? Let us know down in the comments below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to release on PS4, PC and Xbox One, 14 September 2018.

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