No Fortnite Cross-play Between Switch And PS4

As you might recall, when Rocket League announced cross-play last year, Sony was adamant about not supporting cross-play between rival console – and when Fortnite cross-play was revealed earlier this year, Sony maintained it’s stance. Now with the announcement of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, some hopeful fanboys have been hoping that just maybe Sony would feel a little generous to Nintendo Switch owners.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. When a gamer asked Nick Chester from Epic Games on Twitter if it supported crossplay as well, and if so which formats it was possible to play against. Chester replied:

“Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile.”

This becomes a little bit of a hassle as owners of multiple platforms won’t be able to continue their progress from PS4 to other platforms, forcing them to use a different acount.

Fortunately, there is full crossplay between PC, smartphones, Switch and Xbox One


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