Numskull’s Retro Range Taps Into 70s Arcade Nostalgia

Numskull Designs is turning nostalgia levels up to maximum in its officially licensed Retro Range. The collection, which is now available for pre-order, features a broad spectrum of old-school merchandise from iconic franchises like Pac-Man (technically an 80s invention) and Space Invaders. So if your crockery is unforgivably bland, or you want to show off your retrogaming faith to the unbelievers, there might be something here for you.

Numskull’s heat change mugs won’t judge you for drinking cream layered coffee instead of tea, and they come in both Asteroids and Pac-Man models. These premium ceramic beauties can be yours for $25 USD.

You’re more of a t-shirt collector, you say? Well, look no further than Numskull’s irresistibly soft cotton print shirts, which come in both navy blue and grey (sizes XS to 2XL) and signal your Space Invaders passion to onlookers in authentic Japanese text. For $30 USD, you can blend in the crowd at any gaming convention. Rumour has it the Space Invaders snapback ($33 USD) is the perfect accompaniment.

This is Numskull’s initial wave of arcade-fearing merch. Shipments are expected to arrive halfway through April.


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