Nvidia CES Press Conference Unveils New Anthem Trailer

BioWare is known for delivering in-depth RPG video game titles and their next IP set to launch this year, 2019, which it very well may just be worth picking up at launch. Set in the distant future where humanity has explored and colonized other planets, players will be taking the role of a Freelancer in the upcoming title Anthem. These Freelancers are specialized task force members that are capable of exploring new open worlds that are filled with hostilities.

Most of these worlds are uncharted or filled with dangers resulting in the need for various Freelancers. With the use of advanced suits known as Javelins, Freelancers will not only be able to traverse the world quickly but also be able to fight off any monstrous creatures that show up along the way. Likewise, this adventure will be available as a cooperative gameplay experience with up to four players. While gamers are waiting to get their hands on a copy of the game, that wait won’t be too much longer.

Anthem is slated to launch in February, but to give gamers a new look at the in-game world, BioWare recently released a new trailer for the title during CES 2019. For those unaware, CES is an electronics show that happens annually which shows off new products coming down the pipeline, much like the new GPUs. Speaking of GPUs, Nvidia held a press conference which showcased their latest GPU, the RTX 2060 and it was during this press conference that we got a brand new trailer for Anthem.

This latest trailer showcases more of the enemies you’ll come across during your journey along with your javelin suits you’ll be using to both traverse and combat hostilities. At any rate, you can take look at the latest trailer posted right above while we wait for Anthem to release on February 22, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and lastly, the PC platforms.

[Source: GameSpot]


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