On Average Xbox One Players Have Spent 24hrs On 360 Games

The affinity for the past never seems to die. Since Microsoft announced the backward compatibility program for Xbox One during E3 2015, gamers have spent a massive 840 million hours on games from the previous generation.  While we don’t know the exact number of Xbox One units that have been sold, we do have an idea. Coming from the insider and Niko Partner analyst Daniel “ZhygeEx” Ahmad, claims that around 35 million Xbox One. This equates to around 24hrs spent on 360 games per gamer.

It would be interesting to see how many of those Xbox One players are actually playing backwards compatible games and who aren’t – then we’d have an idea of just how successful the program really is.

In other Microsoft news, the tech-giant has purchased cloud engine company Playfab.

As current generation consoles near the end of their life-span, certain entities have been acquiring cloud engine companies in order to be at the forefront of technology. Last week we announced that Epic Games have purchased Cloudgine, now we have news that Microsoft has acquired PlayFab. Microsoft corporate vice president of gaming Kareem Choudhry has explained the move as being beneficial to Microsoft’s Azure-powered cloud gaming efforts.


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