Only Switch Content To Be Showcased During This Year’s E3

Once again, Nintendo will be streaming this year’s E3 presentation continuing the tradition since 2013. This time around however, Nintendo will only be showing off Switch content, opting out to display anything new from the Labo or 3DS.

Nintendo has also noted that this year’s E3 conference will only focus on 2018 games, that being said, last year Nintendo said the exact same then, but then went on tease games coming in 2019 (Metroid Prime 4, and Pokemon )

As usual, stay tuned to and we’ll bring you the latest from this year’s E3.

In other Nintendo news, the eShop is set to receive a Fortnite update, does this confirm all the Fortnite on Nintendo Switch rumours true? Read more about this here.

Epic Games has had a massive ring of bad luck when it comes to Fortnite rumours on the Switch – last week we saw a game listing on a Korean Rating board for the battle Royale title, and now we’ve just received news of an upcoming ‘update’ for the eShop which seemingly introduces a couple of cosmetic changes to the online store.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and iOS.


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