Ooblets Is Getting A New Region, Recipes And Halloween Event

Ooblets just received its first Roadmap and it is packed with a bunch of new features fans have been waiting for!

For the ones who have been living underneath a rock, Ooblets is a Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokémon inspired game. You are free to go fishing, do some farming or jump into a spontaneous dance party.

The game has already launched via Early Access and since then received a whooping 25 patches since its release back in July, 2020.

Ooblets Content Update brings new Ooblets, Regions and more!

Todays Roadmap announcement promises major new content updates to come in the next few months.

The first update will become available sometime in September and will make Nullwhere a visitable region in the game where you can find some new Ooblets. In addition to that Rebecca and Ben might also add some new clothing items – but these might come with the Halloween event in October.

The two developers are also trying to introduce the first ever Ooblets Halloween event in the form of a scavenger hunt but no other details have been revealed just yet.

In December players can look forward to exploring the Wildlands where you more Ooblets fun takes place! During the winter months we may also get to see some snow falling which is a great way to experience the joy of the Holidays in video games!

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