Open your eyes, sheep-le, Catherine’s coming to PC

Sega has posted a picture of a sheep to Bayonetta’s Steam page, and that probably means Catherine is coming to PC. Atlus’ 2011 puzzle platformer is awash in sheep imagery, and it’s due for a significant re-release this year – plus Sega has teased other PC ports in similar fashion in the past.

We don’t know when this port is coming or what price it’ll be, but given how Sega has handled these teasers in the past, it’s probably going to release quite soon. The Bayonetta Steam page hosted a similar teaser for Puyo Puyo Tetris back on February 5, 2018, and that game launched just a short time later on February 27.

That sadly might mean that we’re getting the original Catherine rather than the upcoming Full Body release. The new version adds a new character, new endings, and plenty of other changes, but it doesn’t yet have a Western release date. It’ll be out February 14 in Japan on consoles, and it might be too much to hope that we’ll see a PC port right at the same time.

But even if it is just the original, it’ll be a welcome addition to Steam. Catherine’s combo of a sexually-charged story and bizarre puzzle platforming remains entirely unique, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it duplicated.

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And yes, this opens up just a tiny bit of hope for Persona to hit PC. Atlus is bringing one of its strangest creations to the platform, so maybe – just maybe – we’ve got a shot at seeing the much bigger RPG eventually head to Steam.


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