Over 150 Capsule Toy Machines Installed In Tokyo Train Station

Do you like capsule toys? Akihabara Station is now home to a wall of over 150 gachapon vending machines. 

Called Kenelestand, the slick-looking gachapon area was designed by well-known designer Akira Mabuchi. 

As Spoon & Tamago points out, what makes these capsule toys so interesting is that they are aimed at adults, instead of children. For example….there are miniature sake bottles, small designer furniture, tiny kitchen utensils. Let’s take a look!

Mini Onkyo audio equipment toys.

The Gekkeikan sake brewery in Kyoto, as well as a sake cask and bottle.

A miniature waffle iron model.

Sitting cats.

Japanese cafe food and drink.

Electric poles and stop lights.

Musical instruments.

Small graves.

Tiny beer and ramen.

Dom Dom Burger charms.

Miniature furniture.

Cats going potty.

Little kettles and blenders.

Sad doggo.

But don’t be sad! Even though the selection does change, expect future offerings to be just as interesting. 

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