Overcooked 2 puts some icing on the original’s delicious co-op cake

Enlarge / Divide and conquer.

A couple of years ago, we declared the original Overcooked “the new couch co-op champion” thanks to its elegant mix of a charming, simple-to-learn concept, clever level design, and chaotic multitasking gameplay. Overcooked 2 feels more like an expansion pack for that strong basic concept than a full-fledged sequel. Still, it adds a much-needed coat of polish and some important new features—including online multiplayer—to help bring the game to the next level.

If you’ve played the first Overcooked, you know how the basics work. Up to four cooks share a kitchen contained on a single screen, working together and running around to prepare food orders that appear in the corner. That means pulling up the raw ingredients, taking them to a cutting board for chopping, dragging the chopped ingredients to a frying pans/pots/ovens/steamers for cooking, then putting the finished dish on a plate and delivering it to hungry customers. It’s all about efficiency and effective multitasking, with scoring bonuses and multipliers for filling orders quickly and penalties for missing orders before the time limit is up.

The more things stay the same…