Overwatch Director Reveals Thoughts on Cross-Play Effect on PUBG and Fortnite Success

Cross-play and cross-platform will always be a discussion within the gaming industry, something players from all consoles and platforms wish to happen in every game. Epic Games’ massively successful Fortnite managed to successfully implement cross-play between PC, PS4 and mobile players, with the only missing link is Xbox One and PS4.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan was recently featured in the 200th issue of games magazine, where he wishes to achieve this kind of connectivity across different platforms, describing it as “beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together.”

Fortnite and PUBG recently made a huge impact on gaming by having cross-platform experiences that spanned the PC, consoles and mobile. Cross-platform experiences, especially in social games or games with persistent progression, are very exciting.

I hope to see platforms open up and embrace the way players want to play more. The technology and the desire exist. I believe it would be beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together. So I’m definitely hoping for more cross-platform opportunities.

If you’re an Overwatch player, what do you think of Kaplan’s statements?


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