17 Actors Who Could Play Vince McMahon in ‘Pandemonium’

News recently broke that Sony and Tristar Pictures are teaming up to make a dramatized biography film about Vince McMahon, the man behind pro wrestling’s rise to pop-culture relevance in the 1980s and beyond (and still going strong today). The movie apparently has the official backing of the WWE CEO, with WWE Studios partnering on to help with production. The movie, given the ridiculous/awesome title of Pandemonium, is still in the very early stages of having a script finalized. No director or actors are attached to the project, but there is one glaring question that needs to be answered — who will play Vince McMahon? read more


Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Fought in a Haunted House Because Pro Wrestling

With The Undertaker retiring at WrestleMania 33, the mantle for “spooky magic evil dude” is apparently falling on Bray Wyatt. Rather than having a gimmick of being an actual dead guy, Wyatt is more of a Bayou voodoo man. So when the WWE announced that Wyatt would fight Randy Orton in a “House of Horrors” match at Payback, no one really knew what that meant. read more


Nintendo Clarifies Why They Discontinued The NES Classic

To the surprise of many (read: everyone), Nintendo recently discontinued their wildly successful NES Classic Edition, a miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System with 30 classic games. Amid the frantic rush to snatch up the last systems sitting on store shelves, the big question on everyone’s mind is why Nintendo would decide to stop selling that was still a hot ticket item nearly six months after its original release. It’s been speculated that Nintendo did so in order to focus their resources on manufacturing the Nintendo Switch — which sold 2.7 million units in March — or possibly because Nintendo plans to replace the NES Classic with a mini Super Nintendo later this year. Now, in a pair of new interviews, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé offers an explanation. read more


There Will Be a Vince McMahon Biopic, With a Ridiculous Name

Dramatized biographies are all the rage in the past decade or so. After all, they did wonders for Ray Charles and Johnny Cash with Ray and Walk The Line, respectively. Plus Apple founder Steve Jobs actually got two different films, and McDonald’s original boss Ray Kroc was recently portrayed on the big screen by Michael Keaton in The Founder. read more


Stone Cold Thinks Seth Rollins’ Character Isn’t Complete: “He’s Not All-The-Way Over”

Stone Cold Steve Austin had personality. It literally oozed from his pores with every flipped middle finger, every Stone Cold Stunner he hit, and every beer that he drank. It’s one of the reasons he became one of the biggest things in pro wrestling since Hulk Hogan. Sure, it might have been a combination of Austin’s skills as a performer and a bit of good luck by being the right guy at the right time, but one thing is for sure — Stone Cold was OVER! read more