U/B Mill EDH


My name is Erich. I am new to the writing scene for MTG. I enjoying playing fun formats such as EDH/Commander, Modern, and anything involved with Chaos drafting. I am a father of three children that all play MTG. All of my kids play EDH/Commander and Modern. I will be writing about different subjects within our favorite game. I will write about Grand Prix and my time at each Grand Prix that I attend. I will also write about any SCG tournaments that i will go to also. I will also do some deck techs, decklists, articles and reviews, and finally a little about MTG cosplay through my eyes. With that being said, I am going to talk about one of my favorite types of decks. I will be talking about MILL, specifically EDH U/B MILL. I love MILL. When I say, “I love MILL,” I do mean that MILL is my second wife. I used to have a modern mill deck, but I no longer have that deck only because I wanted to do more than MILL in modern. However, I will build another MILL deck within the year so I can have it for a backup deck for my local FNM. read more