Wadjet Eye Games Launching Grim Bundle Minus Fandango

Wadjet Eye Games, the magic wand behind graphic adventures Gemini Rue and The Blackwell Legacy, is releasing a delightfully dystopian collection on Steam and the App Store. The “Dark Futures” bundle features four narrative-driven point and click fiestas that will chill your soul with horrifying glimpses beyond 2018. Don’t believe me? Read the descriptions below. read more


Remastered Tomb Raider Trilogy Bringing Twin Pistols to Steam

With just a couple of days remaining until the Tomb Raider film hits cinemas, Canadian development team Realtech VR has announced plans to bring ports of the original three games to Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam. If the classic trilogy is already in your library, good news — this remastered evolution will be a free add on. Don’t accept this as gospel truth just yet though, since Realtech still needs the green light from Square Enix to go ahead. read more


Tennis World Tour Eyeing May Release Like a Hawk

Rising from the ashes of Top Spin 4, Bigben’s star-studded simulation game Tennis World Tour has pencilled in a release date. It marks the developer’s first realistic tennis sim since 2011, and will inject a heightened level of technicality into every shot. From drifting slice backhands to punching volleys, expect the same level of finesse that made the Top Spin series famous. read more

Hacker News

MOSQUITO Attack Allows Air-Gapped Computers to Covertly Exchange Data

The team of security researchers—who last month demonstrated how attackers could steal data from air-gapped computers protected inside a Faraday cage—are back with its new research showing how two (or more) air-gapped PCs placed in the same room can covertly exchange data via ultrasonic waves. read more


Demon Souls Gets Another ESRB Rating

Last year we announced that Demon Souls, the most influential title of the hardcore RPG genre was having its PS3 servers shut down. February 28th came, which concluded the online capabilities. That being said, there has been a massive emergence of the ‘remaster’ market in current gen gaming, which begs the question – was the shutdown of servers completed to make space for an HD version of Demon Souls? Coincidentally, a new ESRB rating of the game has gone live on the rating board’s website today. read more


Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Releases Later This Month

Beamdog’s remaster of the classic Bioware RPG Neverwinter Nights has just been given a release date. Fans of the original will be able to pick up the modernised version of the title March 27th via Steam. As an added bonus, those of who pre-purchase the title will be able to play the earlier versions of the game. read more


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Switch Port To Be Handled By Toys For Bob

Following the release for PS4 last year, we’ve recently learnt that the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy will be released on PC, Xbox One and surprisingly, on Nintendo Switch. Now we’ve just received news that the developer behind the Skylanders series Toys For Bob will be releasing the game on Switch (Vicarious Visions, the same team that handled the PS4 release will handle the PC and Xbox One release). read more


No Microtransactions For State Of Decay 2

Last week we got some awesome gameplay from the guys over at Undead Labs, showcasing the imminent release of State of Decay 2. From gameplay was widely received with positivity, but this didn’t mean that there weren’t any sceptics amongst them. read more