The 10 Best Deals of October 19, 2020

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Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s October 19, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Become a multi-tasking queen with AUKEY 5-in-1 wireless charging USB hub. Give-up underwire for once and for all by snagging a six-pack of bralettes. And, to prep for next year’s brownouts, be sure to snatch up a Tacklife solar generator. read more


Mars Horizon is basically Kerbal Space Program Tycoon, and it hits Steam in November

If you’ve got a major need for space games in the leadup to Kerbal Space Program 2, there’s a solid alternative on the, er, horizon in the form of Mars Horizon. Rather than the simulation-first space exploration of Kerbal, Mars Horizon is about the day-to-day operations of a space agency in the style of the great tycoon games. And after numerous betas and demos, it’s finally set to hit Steam in November. read more


Tome of Beasts 2 Adds a Plethora of Fantastic Monsters to Dungeons & Dragons

Kobold Press has released a new bestiary filled with hundreds of interesting threats for Dungeons & Dragons. After a successful Kickstarter earlier this year, Kobold Press has officially released Tome of Beasts 2, their third bestiary of monsters made for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The book is a standalone bestiary with over 400 different monsters, ranging from high-level threats like ancient imperial dragons and demon lords to weirder creatures like the Snake With a Hundred Mage Hands or the very seasonal Snow Terror, which looks like a Frosty the Snowman pulled straight out of hell. read more


Modern Warfare and Warzone Adds Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Villains for Halloween Event

Well, it’s officially official: Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are coming to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone for a limited-time Halloween event called The Haunting of Verdansk. The collaboration previously leaked, but the trailer and new screenshots offer the first official look at the characters in the game. The event will also include collaboration blueprint weapons as well as limited-time modes and effects. read more


Phasmophobia’s upcoming ghost hunting updates

Co-op ghost hunting game Phasmophobia has enthralled a lot of players and I am one of them. It’s a total riot to play with pals—which I’ve done almost every single night for a week and a half. In that time, I’ve already progressed from tiptoeing meekly through haunted houses to boldly taunting ghosts by name as soon as I cross the threshold. For those like me, good news then that Phasmophobia is planning some changes to make ghosts a bit scarier and trickier to pin down. read more


Pokemon Artist Gives Throwback Sprites to Our Favorite Digimon

Pokemon has been back in the headlines as of late thanks to its surging trading card game and an upcoming DLC release for generation eight. As you can imagine, the excitement from fans is easy to find as netizens are keeping a close eye on Pokemon online. The same can be said for Digimon as the franchise is thriving with its reboot anime and U.S. film release. That is why one artist decided it was time to marry the feuding series, and they did so with some special sprite mash ups. read more