Xbox Live Users Will Be Able To Link Discord Soon

If you are one that often switches between PC and Xbox One gaming – then this might be some good news for you. Microsoft will be adding a little bit of discord functionality to the Xbox One. Discord users will now be able to see if you are playing Xbox One (similar to how it shows if you are busy playing a specific game or not). read more


H1Z1 Open Beta Releases On PS4 May 22nd

While H1Z1 may have fallen flat over the past couple of years, since January DayBreak have been hard at work to reignite thier third-person shooter – firstly by offering it as F2P on steam, and by introducing a vehicular take on the Battle Royale genre.  Now it seems that the title is ready to take flight on Sony’s console – H1Z1 is set to receive an open beta May 22 for PS4. read more

Hacker News

Nintendo Switches Hacked to Run Linux—Unpatchable Exploit Released

Two separate teams of security researchers have published working proof-of-concept exploits for an unpatchable vulnerability in Nvidia’s Tegra line of embedded processors that comes on all currently available Nintendo Switch consoles. read more