Minecraft Reaches Record High 74 Million Monthly Active Users in December 2017

With everything going around in the gaming world, Minecraft is still considered one of the biggest revolutionary titles in gaming and it is still going strong. In fact, according to the new head of Microsoft’s Minecraft department, Helen Chiang, the title managed to record the highest ever monthly active users in December 2017. read more


Fortnite Update 1.37 Adds Korean Language; Patch 2.2.0 Removes Scoped AR from Supply Drops and More

Epic Games’ worldwide success of Fortnite continues to grow every day, and that’s why the studio needs to continuously update the title to make sure everything is fixed according to fan feedback and internal analysis. read more

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Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s How Luigi’s Balloon World Works

Announced in the January Nintendo Direct video, Luigi’s Balloon World is a new mini-game mode for Super Mario Odyssey. In this weird multiplayer mode, that also happens to be a totally free add-on, you’ll be able to play with Luigi — and hide balloons — and… well, that’s about all we know when it was first announced. read more


WATCH: The Epic Opening Video For WWE’s ‘Raw 25’ Anniversary Broadcast

Tonight the WWE will air their official 25th anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw (even though the actual anniversary date was a couple of weeks ago, but whatever). To commemorate the occasion, they have advertised a ridiculous number of returning stars (Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, etc) for what should be a fun nostalgic trip down memory lane. read more


Check Out This Post Apocalyptic Shooter Set In South Africa

I’m writing this article because I live in South Africa, it’s a country that unfortunately is riddled with political issues still coping with the terrible past of apartheid which more often than not, warrants negative press. But even with this constant negativity, we have small studios making international waves in the gaming community, STASIS, a crowdfunded point-and-click, BROFORCE one of the top-selling steam side-scroller games, Vapour a unity made slender-style horror game. The internet has enabled people to have the ability to kickstart a game, edit code to create a mod or produce something of amazing quality without the need a giant studio or large financial backing – one of those examples being Organosphere. read more


Call of Duty: WWII To Get A Limited Prop Hunt Mode

Sledgehammer Games and Activision have teased an upcoming community event for Call of Duty: WWII Players. Dubbed, The Resistance, the event is set to start January 23rd and will include a new Resistance Division (and accompanying gear), a handful of free weapons, the return of Demolition mode and double XP playlists. What’s more, the event will also introduce a prop hunt mode for those that enjoy a little bit of hide and seek. read more


Metal Gear Survive Producer Confirms No Lootboxes And Pay To Win Microtransactions

With the end of the weekend concluding the Metal Gear Survive open beta, Producer Yuji Korekado took the opportunity to clear up a couple of issues fans found were found with the title. First off, Yuji wanted to apologize for the spin-off confusion Metal Gear Survive might have created with Hideo Kojima’s original series. read more


We Happy Few Gets Delayed

We Happy Few, the upcoming first-person (horror?) title by Compulsion games was originally announced to be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One April 13th. Unfortunately, that’s not happening anymore, as a couple of the developers behind the title aren’t satisfied with the product. read more