Diablo III Ain’t Coming to Switch

Sorry crusaders and demon hunters, it looks like Blizzard’s Diablo III may not be launching on Nintendo Switch after all. A few days ago, the Blizzard Twitter account posted a short video that displayed a Diablo themed night lamp being switched on and off. Topped off with a “Sweet Dreams” caption, it was more than enough speculative fuel for some readers, who jumped to the hopeful conclusion that a Diablo III Switch port was on the say. It’s not exactly farfetched when you put two and two together: Diablo night light, switch, Nintendo Switch. But it wasn’t to be. read more


Life is Strange: Before The Storm’s Bonus Episode “Farewell” Now Available

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Life is Strange was a massive success when it launched in 2015 and just a couple years later, the series saw another installment with Life is Strange: Before The Storm. Developed under Deck Nine, Life is Strange: Before The Storm follows Chloe Price, who was a prominent character within the Life is Strange video game. read more


Pint-Sized Delight The Swords of Ditto Releases Next Month

Do you ever feel a strange longing as you stare at the cobwebs gathering around your Game Boy Color collection? Well, it’s time to throw your sadness away. Indie team Onebitbeyond is knocking at your door with a spirited action-adventure that’s cradled in legend. Meet The Swords of Ditto, an RPG that’s entering the scene next month with quaint colours, adorable characters, and malice scented dungeons. read more


Surviving Mars’ Lead Designer Discusses Modding Support, How Mars Mysteries Work and Difference Between PC and Consoles

Haemimont Games are mostly known for their city building and management titles, with Tropico and Grand Ages franchises as their crown jewels. Back in August 2017, the studio announced Surviving Marsa colony-building simulator where you manage resources and help humans turn Mars into an inhabitable planet. read more


Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.23/1.22 Is Out Now

The latest patch for Square Enix’s open-world RPG, Final Fantasy XV has just dropped, adding a bunch of changes to the title. The main change to the game, is the addition of new content for those with the comrades DLC.  If you have the DLC, you’ll get your hands on new quests, more breeding options for the chocobo, more trophies and new royal sigils. read more

Hacker News

New 4G LTE Network Attacks Let Hackers Spy, Track, Spoof and Spam

Security researchers have discovered a set of severe vulnerabilities in 4G LTE protocol that could be exploited to spy on user phone calls and text messages, send fake emergency alerts, spoof location of the device and even knock devices entirely offline. read more


WWE Fans Were Furious Over Brock Lesnar’s Ultra Short Match at a Chicago House Show

Brock Lesnar doesn’t appear very often at WWE house shows. Actually, he doesn’t appear very often on WWE television either. But in some major cities, exceptions have been made. He wrestled a house show in New York City last year and was advertised to be appearing at one in Chicago over the weekend. Unfortunately for fans who paid to see the Beast Incarnate, Lesnar’s match was less than a minute long and he barely broke a sweat. read more