Here’s What To Expect From Madden NFL 18 On Xbox One X

Madden NFL 18 has been confirmed to be receiving enhancements with Microsoft’s latest console, The Xbox One X. Speaking to Xbox Wire, Seth Christie, the technical director of the game detailed exactly what we can expect from the upgrade version of this Football title. read more

Hacker News

Vault 8: WikiLeaks Releases Source Code For Hive – CIA’s Malware Control System

Almost two months after releasing details of 23 different secret CIA hacking tool projects under Vault 7 series, Wikileaks today announced a new Vault 8 series that will reveal source codes and information about the backend infrastructure developed by the CIA hackers. read more


NioH PC Update 1.21.01 Fixes Multiple Bugs

NioH: Complete Edition recently released on PC finally bringing the samurai action that console players have had for a couple of months to master race. While the game has only been out for 2 days now, the port already has an update fixing a couple bugs. Here’s what update 1.21.01 changes: read more