WATCH: Roman Reigns Blasts Brock Lesnar in Amazing “Shoot” Promo

Look, we get it. A lot of people don’t like Roman Reigns. He was shoved down our throat as “the guy” even though a huge percentage of fans had no interest seeing him in the main event week after week. His wrestling skills are average (we get it, you do a super man punch and spear) and his promos were laughable at times, even appearing to forget his scripted lines on at least one occasion. read more

Hacker News

Hacker Who Never Hacked Anyone Gets 33-Month Prison Sentence

A hacker who was arrested and pleaded guilty last year—not because he hacked someone, but for creating and selling a remote access trojan that helped cyber criminals—has finally been sentenced to serve almost three years in prison. read more


Nintendo Allows User Ratings On The eShop

If you are like me and head straight to the reviews before even thinking about hovering over the ‘add to cart’ option, we have some good news foryou. Nintendo has confirmed that the eShop will officially support user reviews for digital games purchased on the eShop. read more