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Hard-Coded Password in Cisco Software Lets Attackers Take Over Linux Servers

A medium yet critical vulnerability has been discovered in Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning software that could allow a local attacker to elevate privileges to root and take full control of a system. read more

12 Things We Want From The PlayStation 5

It’s hard to believe, but the PlayStation 4 is already in its fifth year on the market. In that time, Sony’s fourth home console has become one of the best-selling gaming platforms in history and built up an impressive library of games, quite a few of which can only be played exclusively on it. In 2016, Sony released the PS4 Pro — a hardware revision that boasted an upgraded CPU and GPU in order to support 4K gameplay, but a console that nevertheless more of a half-step upgrade rather than a new standard. read more


State of Decay 2 PC Requirements Revealed

With the release date of State of Decay 2 right around the corner, you may want to make sure that your computer has to right specs. Luckily, it seems that Undead Lab’s open-world adventure won’t require as high-end specs as you would expect. read more