Kingdom Hearts III Offers Up to 80 Hours of Content; 40-50 Hours If you Stay on the Critical Path

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III, the third main instalment in the franchise and twelfth in total, is finally coming out early next year. After years of being in development, the studio wants to make sure they deliver a compelling journey and loads of content to fill the hunger and patience their fans endured. read more


Fortnite’s “ghost-peeking” has been fixed, but now there’s a new issue to contend with

Fortnite fans might be aware of an in-game phenomenon known as “ghost-peeking.” Essentially, it was a visual bug that allows your opponents to take shots at you without revealing their soft and vulnerable bodies to a hail of your incredibly accurate bullets. Epic has now fixed it, but in doing so, they’ve created another equally disruptive issue. read more


Bootleg Dota 2 and TF2 items are rife on Steam in trading scam

|Posted 42 mins ago

A series of item scams have hit the Steam community overnight, as shovelware developers attempt to dupe trading groups attached to popular Steam games. At the time of writing, trading communities attached to Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 have been affected, with high-profile figures attached to those groups advising users to refrain from trading altogether until Valve have issued a fix. read more