Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Drops Today

The latest DLC pack for EA’s first-person shooter, Battlefield 1 has just landed today. Starting today for Premium Pass members players can conquer 3 new maps – you’ll be be able to traverse the devastated countryside of Belgium in Passchendaele, fight in the mountain terrain of Caporetto or spawn into the barrage filled wheat fields in River Somme. read more


Seth Rollins Just Set An Incredible and Obscure WWE Record On Raw

This week on Raw, the WWE gave fans what they called a “Gauntlet Match” — a series of one-on-one matches with the winner moving on to face the next competitor. Naturally, such a match definitely puts the starting combatants at a distinct disadvantage — Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns started the match, and would have to beat multiple other WWE superstars in order to actually win the damn thing. read more


SOMA PS4 Now Has A Safe Mode That Removes Death

SOMA, the survival horror title from Frictional Games has just received a new option allowing players to explore the mysterious underwater facility without the fear of death. Previously the update was on available for Xbox One and PC – now PS4 players will be able to hop into this unsettling sci-fi title. read more


Top 40 NEW Xbox One Games of 2018

We’ve all been there — you’ve just completed a game, and you’re basking in the satisfaction of having triumphed over a ridiculous boss or finally unlocking all the achievements. It feels awesome. But what comes next? If you haven’t got anything lined up, the feeling isn’t unlike when you finish a TV series, and suddenly, a peculiar wave of emptiness just hits you like a dragon fist. As your resident gaming psychologists, we recommend keeping a list of emergency games (stashed in a safe place) to avoid unnecessary crisis. There’s a colourful variety of games coming out for Xbox One, and don’t forget to check out our suggestions for PC and PlayStation 4. read more