Alberto Del Rio Attacked By Knife-Wielding Assailant Before First Post-WWE Match

The life of Alberto Del Rio has not gotten any less interesting since he left WWE a few weeks ago. On Sunday, it was reported that Del Rio (now known as Alberto El Patron) had no-showed the first major event he was scheduled to wrestle post-WWE, for AAA in Mexico, leading to an angry public statement from that company about how he had failed Mexican fans everywhere. Well, it turns out that Del Rio had a very good reason for missing his scheduled match: he was in a hospital receiving treatments for multiple slash wounds that he had received when someone attacked him with a knife outside a restaurant where he was eating. No, seriously. read more


12 Reasons Why TNA Has Failed As A Real Alternative To WWE

For years, the promotion known as TNA fought to be seen as an alternative to WWE, a haven for wrestling fans who had grown disillusioned with what WWE was providing. And at times, they did manage to succeed, putting on well-received shows, creating new stars, and they even kept the company afloat for over thirteen years despite a variety of obstacles, many of them self-inflicted. Unfortunately, for every step TNA took forward, it seemed like they would do something that caused them to slide two or three steps backwards, an unsustainable model no matter how you look at it, especially for a company trying to compete with a multi-million-dollar behemoth of an opponent like WWE. The mistakes of TNA are many, and these are the ones that helped ensure that not only would they never be even close to competing directly with WWE, but also seriously jeopardized any chance they may have had of surviving. read more

One Way Or The Other, TNA Wrestling Ends This Sunday

It has been a rough week for any remaining fans of TNA, which at one point could have legitimately claimed to be the second largest wrestling promotion in North America. While recent news had former Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan purchasing the embattled company from current owner Dixie Carter, it seems as if things might have reached a tipping point, with a guarantee that no matter what happens, after this Sunday, TNA as we know it will no longer exist. The company reportedly does not have any money to pay for any more TV tapings or talent, and whether this Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV happens at all is very much in question. read more


The Rock Wants You To Register To Vote

You’re probably not going to listen to us when we tell you that it is vitally important for you to register to vote in the upcoming US Federal Election (well, assuming you’re an American citizen, but everyone else should remember this when their election season comes around), because who are we? Nobody, that’s who. But maybe you’ll listen to this guy: read more

Ryback May Be The Latest Pro Wrestler To Attempt MMA

Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and… Ryback?

The former WWE superstar known as Ryback aka The Big Guy (real name: Ryan Allen Reeves, before he legally changed his first name to Ryback) has been in talks with Bellator MMA about becoming to next pro wrestler to cross over into the world of mixed martial arts. According to Dave Meltzer, the 34-year old Ryback has spoken with Bellator CEO Scott Coker about joining the organization. read more

Kurt Angle Discusses His Battle With Drug Addiction On ESPN

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Kurt Angle, who is currently a free agent, was interviewed on The Dan LeBatard Show, and the multiple-time Champion, who has had very public issues with substance abuse over his career, was quite candid about his battle with addictions to pain medication and alcohol. According to Angle, at the peak of his addiction, he was taking up to 65 Vicodin a day, and when he was a part of TNA, due to less stringent policies and a more relaxed atmosphere, he began mixing his pain pill addiction with alcohol. read more


Google Honors Legendary Lucha Libre Wrestler, El Santo

Today marks the birthday of one of the most iconic wrestlers on the planet, El Santo, and Google has memorialized the lucha libre star and Mexican hero with today’s Google Doodle. If you didn’t know who the mysterious El Santo was, they also provided the following brief biography. read more


11 Best-Looking Wrestling Title Belts

Title belts represent the most prestigious awards in pro wrestling. When you’re holding a title, that means you should be considered among the absolute best wrestlers in the company, and possibly the world. That also means that the belt you carry should look the part, lending an additional air of quality to your reign. Over the many years of wrestling’s existence, there have been many good-looking titles, but there are a select handful that can be considered the absolute cream of the crop, and they can be found on this list. From the top to the bottom, we’d be thrilled to be able to carry any of these belts around on a daily basis. read more


Bill Goldberg: CM Punk Should Not Get Another UFC Fight

Bill Goldberg is, for some reason, making the media rounds. We guess it’s probably to promote his appearance in the new WWE 2K17 game, because it’s not like he’s been doing much else lately. Regardless, like many others in the combat sports businesses of MMA and pro wrestling, the former WWE and WCW champion recently weighed in on CM Punk’s UFC debut. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Punk got beat down pretty badly and lost the fight in a little over two minutes, without landing a single punch. read more