Triple H Finally Addresses The Lack Of Female Superstars At The Greatest Royal Rumble

You have probably noticed this by now, but the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble won’t feature a single female superstar. The reason, obviously, is that the event is taking place in Saudi Arabia, where women’s rights and equality are far behind other, “more modern” countries. The WWE has taken quite a bit of heat for their lucrative business deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially since they have spent the last few years patting themselves on the back at every chance for pushing the “Women’s Revolution” of professional wrestling. read more


Deadpool Headstand Looks Absolutely ‘Marvelous’

Outspoken, brash, and fearlessly sassy, Deadpool certainly isn’t your average Marvel anti-hero. The folks at Numbskull Designs have brought out an equally unconventional piece of merchandise Deadpool fans may just lose their heads over — an official Deadpool ‘headstand’. read more


May’s Games With Gold Lineup Announced

With 2018 gently knocking on May’s door, the time has come to unveil the latest batch of Xbox Games With Gold. Microsoft is serving up an action-packed menu that includes Hideo Kojima’s stealth adventure Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, classic beat ’em up series Streets of Rage, and PlatinumGames’ riveting sci-fi shooter Vanquish. All these titles will be available for free to anyone in possession of an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The full lineup of games follows. read more

Hacker News

Release of PoC Exploit for New Drupal Flaw Once Again Puts Sites Under Attack

Only a few hours after the Drupal team releases latest updates to fix a new remote code execution flaw in its content management system software, hackers have already started exploiting the vulnerability in the wild. read more

Hacker News

Hackers build a ‘Master Key’ that unlocks millions of Hotel rooms

If you often leave your valuable and expensive stuff like laptop and passports in the hotel rooms, then beware. Your room can be unlocked by not only a malicious staff having access to the master key, but also by an outsider. read more


The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Is Free On GOG

Want to know the roots of the mysterious white-haired monster slayer, Geralt? The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is running for completely free over on GOG (well, almost completely.) To claim your free copy, you’ll need to download Gwent (free download) and subscribe to the GOG newsletter. Your account will then be credited with a copy of The Witcher. read more