Pixel Empire Offers Special Sale On Limited Gaming Art Set Bundles

If you’re a hardcore gamer that tends to keep tabs on not only the video games you enjoy but the industry as a whole then chances are you have a gaming setup. Whether it be a whole space in your home or your bedroom, displaying your video game collection and setup is a tedious task and one I would dare to say impossible to finish.

There’s always something missing or an addition you would like to add making the gaming room a true focal point in your humble abode. One of those missing pieces may not be a video game title or even a system. Instead, you may find your walls a bit barren.

Perhaps you’re looking to spruce a gaming space up and if that just so happen to be the case then we suggest that you take a look at Pixel Empire this weekend. For those unfamiliar with Pixel Empire, this is an online shop that offers not only video game-themed artwork but a number of pop culture prints and designs.

In particular, we suggest looking at the bundle artwork on Pixel Empire. Starting today and running to December 19, 2017, the online shop is offering 20% off along with free priority shipping. This is a perfect opportunity to gather some incredible artwork which will either come in a variety of sizes as an art print or by canvas which ultimately depends on the particular bundle.

You’ll find bundle artwork for the Mass Effect series, BioShock, Pokemon, Nintendo titles, among several others. Below, you can find a gallery of the various bundle options being available throughout the weekend.


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