Play couch multiplayer games online with Steam’s upcoming Remote Play Together feature

It appears that an exciting new multiplayer feature is headed to Steam. According to a message sent to devs which has been shared online, ‘Remote Play Together’ is coming to Steam beta soon, and will let players get stuck into local multiplayer games together online.

Reddit user LiveSpartan235 has posted a link to some tweets by Adam Spragg, the developer of indie stealth party game Hidden in Plain Sight, about the new feature, and a screenshot of what appears to be a Steam Works message sent to developers. The message says that Remote Play Together “enables two or more players to enjoy local multiplayer games over the internet, together,” adding that “all local multiplayer, local co-op, and split-screen games will be automatically included in the Remote Play Together beta.”

In his tweets, Spragg says that the upcoming feature will only require the host to own a game, and they “can invite remote friends to play online.” It sounds like this could open up some exciting new possibilities for co-op play, as it means that you’ll be able to replicate playing multiplayer games with your pals in the same place – but without being in the same place. Neat.

Valve dev Alden Kroll has confirmed the feature on Twitter, also clarifying that Remote Play Together “really is only for shared-screen or split-screen games. The tech is streaming your screen to your friend and capturing their input and sending it back to the game, so you are both playing the same game, looking at the same thing.”

The announcement message says that the Steam Remote Play Together beta is due to launch the week of October 21.

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