PlayStation 4 6.50 Update Opens Up IOS Gameplay Streaming

Over the past few years, there has been a push for digital and online service for video games. We’ve seen services like the PlayStation Now open up and give players the ability to enjoy PlayStation 3 video game titles simply by streaming the game online. This movement will certainly be interesting to see unfold further into the next generation of consoles, but for now, a new means to enjoy games without actually being on a console was unveiled for Sony’s PlayStation 4. A brand new update has rolled out, firmware 6.50, and with it comes the ability to stream the PlayStation 4 console to an Apple IOS device.

This essentially will allow the PlayStation 4 to run and connect to the Apple iPhone or tablet. As a result, the screen will be displayed on the mobile device with an overlay for button controls. It’s not the most intuitive scheme and often times most gamers will agree physical controllers will beat out on-screen display alternatives by a landslide. However, having the ability is certainly a nice feature though how useful it will be remains to be seen.

Likewise, the fact that this feature works for IOS users may leave some Android owners a bit disappointed. Only select Android running devices will work but again, just how well this picks up and is actually being used remains to be seen. Furthermore, if you download the Remote Play application on the Apple marketplace, you will need to make sure that your PlayStation 4 console is updated.

That means if you’re running a PlayStation 4 on a firmware that is lower than 6.50 then this feature won’t work. At any rate, this feature may be already familiar to those of you who owned a PlayStation Vita as it also offered a similar ability. However, because the PlayStation Vita had physical controls, it’s likely your best option for those who wish to enjoy their PlayStation 4 while not tying up a home television.

[Source: Gamerant]


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