PlayStation 4 Emulator Starting To Progress

Whenever video game consoles release into the market, we know a few years down the road developers would start to think of a means to emulate the console. There are emulators for all sorts of past video game consoles available to download and enjoy on the PC platform. Some of these emulators even allow users to include newly updated visuals that allow for a better overall experience than when the game first launched on official hardware. As a result, there is definitely a market of PC gamers who are eager to enjoy the latest consoles virtually while tweaking the visuals and performance. One project, in particular, may soon start to really make impactful progress for the PlayStation 4.

Don’t get too excited because we’re still looking at the very early stages of PlayStation 4 emulation but the news is starting to circulate around one particular savvy developer by the name of Alexandro Sanchez. Recently, Alexandro posted a video online directed to other developers seeking to lend a hand on a PlayStation 4 emulation. Within the video, we learn that there are some issues still being tackled for a proper boot-up, but once completed this would allow others to tinker with the fine details in order to get a working project up.

It’s unknown just how long something like a proper user-friendly PlayStation 4 emulator will take though it seems that work is really starting to ramp up. If this is the case, perhaps one day we can enjoy backups of our favorite PlayStation 4 games while potentially enhancing the visuals to even modifying the game.

[Source: Alexandro Sanchez; PlayStation LifeStyle]


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