PlayStation Had Its Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever

Sony completely smashed its Black Friday sale this year, speaking to CNBC Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempe confirmed that this Black Friday was the biggest Black Friday PlayStation has ever had.

This does not only refer to PS4 however, this encompasses all PlayStation products, the original PlayStation, the PS2, the PS3, and the PSP and PS Vita – making Black Friday 2017, the most successful one in all 20 years of PlayStation’s existence.

What most likely boosted Sony to reaching this incredible achievement was the incredible host of sales the company launched, this alongside the continued performance of the PS4 pro, exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn and anticipated software such as Call of Duty: WWII (and the marketing deal Sony had with Activision) which most likely gripped consumers to gravitate towards the PlayStation brand rather than Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

That’s not to say that Nintendo or Xbox didn’t perform brilliantly themselves, NPD Analyst Matt Piscatella also noted that all 3 consoles are most likely performing just as well as each other, whereby the case of one being a leader over the other doesn’t really matter.


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