PlayStation Now Is Finally Going To Start Letting You Download Games

Sony is implementing the oft-requested feature to download games from its PlayStation Now subscription service.

Over the next few days, PlayStation Now subscribers will gain the ability to download PlayStation 4 and remastered PlayStation 2 titles in the service’s library.

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According to Sony’s announcement, “almost all PS4 games in the service” will be downloadable, though it’s not clear which titles will not be. Downloaded games will also support any user-purchased DLC and microtransactions, as well as PS4 Pro enhancements. Interestingly, online multiplayer will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription when the titles are downloaded, as opposed to games streamed over PlayStation Now.

While users won’t have to be connected to the internet in order to play downloaded games, PS Now will still need to connect to the network “every few days” to verify subscriptions. If a user has already streamed a game but now wishes to download it, they can transfer their save files from cloud storage to their console as long as they also have an active PlayStation Plus membership.


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