Please join us in welcoming Ars’ newest contributor, Jennifer Ouellette

Readers who pay careful attention may have noticed a new byline attached to an article yesterday. And, if any of you follow physics—which seems to be a lot of you—they will be excited to have learned about our newest writer that way. For the rest of you, we’re pleased to announce that Jennifer Ouellette is joining the Ars staff.

Jennifer will be familiar to many of you because of her deep background in science coverage. She has contributed as a freelancer to more places than is convenient to list. She has blogged on the field at Cocktail Party Physics and shares a huge range of science stories on social media. Her most recent staff position was as a Senior Science Editor at Gizmodo. In short, she’s been immersed in science for years, and brings a wealth of experience to a field we don’t cover as thoroughly as we’d often like to.

But, if I could channel my best informercial voice, that’s not all. One of her interests in covering science has been to bring forward the science behind the everyday world around us—the sort of cocktail party physics that gave her blog its name. This is not something we’ve always done well (when we’ve done it at all). This is the sort of coverage that bleeds over into technology and our wider culture, which makes her a fantastic fit for Ars.

And, speaking of culture, Jennifer has some rather extensive experience there, as well. She helped launch and served as the Director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an effort funded by the National Academies of Science and meant to help Hollywood find scientists who could help them make their films more accurate and compelling. She’s also made appearances on PBS’ Nova, at Dragon Con, and on the CBS Late Late Show. All of this is to say that Jennifer will be making major contributions to our culture coverage as well.

All of which leaves everyone here at Ars excited to have her signing on. We hope you’re just as excited and will join us in welcoming her.


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